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Location; Manchester, England

Style: Soul, Rap, Hip-Hop

Today's suggestions is Manchester based singer and rapper Dami Sulé.

Born in Nigeria, living in Manchester Dami Sulé began his journey as a poet and spoken word artist back in 2016.

Some of my favorite artists are the ones that identify as musicians as well as poets, I find that they tend to have the most profound content and that kind of music stays with you for life.

Since the release of his debut EP 'Crayons' in 2017. Dami Sulé has been consistently blessing us with beautiful songs about love, life and other moral matters that have started to attract interest from many people in the music industry and his latest EP 'Everything is a Facade' certainly solidifies him as one to watch this year!

His delivery is humble yet captivating. His lyrics carry insightful philosophical lessons and eminate a sophisticated energy, a type of wisdom that we rarely do see these days.

Latest Release: Everything is a Facade EP

'Everything is a facade' is the latest project released by Dami Sulé. Dropped back in August 2020 this 6 track EP is the 3rd body of work the Self Love Rapper has released since his debut in 2017.

This is a multi dimensional project that takes the listener through multiple vibes - from Afrobeats to hip hop to jazz. Sulé's style and lyricism have evolved here and he finds new ways to attach his message to you mind, and soul.

Our Favourite Song: 'Self Love'

As I mentioned earlier the sophistication and wisdom that Dami Sulé exudes is something that really captivated me from early on. one of the best examples of this is his single and video 'Self Love'. Taken from his EP 'Crayons' the single released in 2017 accompanies a simple video jam packed with many subliminal messages and lessons. The Poet in him is teaching us to look at what really matters and encourages self love at all times. This is the kind of song you listen to and feel empowered and ready for the world, so add it to your morning playlists!

Favorite Video: 'Chains'

If I am thinking about a video I watched days after watching the video then it usually means that it was a great video, right? Well that is definitely the case for the Video for 'Chains', taken from his second EP 'Rough Canvas'. The song itself is deeply introspective, and you have no option but to just stop, listen and think. When it comes to the video, I wasn't thinking about the pretty aesthetics or anything like that, I was too busy trying to unlock the meaning behind it all! I've worked out my own interpretation so I won't spoil it for you guys! Check it out and let me know what you think!

I could talk more on why you should check him out and what you should watch or listen to but i'll leave it in your hands from this point! follow him on socials but most importantly go check out his work! Don't forget to leave you comments and suggestions below!

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