Artist Of The Week: Children Of Zeus

WHO: Tyler Daley, Konny Kon (Children of Zeus)

LOCATION: Manchester, UK

To say that Children of Zeus are A Breath of fresh air is a colossal understatement. Since 2016 the duo has transported fans back to the 90's with their eclectic collection of beautifully crafted hip-hop & Neo-Soul jams. Their sound draws influence from their love of soul, Dancehall , roots, reggae and UK street soul. Their music is mature both in production and content, delivering fans with uplifting melodies of motivation and profound life lessons. Tyler Daley's Angelic vocals are distinctive and Konny Kons husky tone compliments the authenticity of their sound. His lyricism and flow combine perfectly to eloquently provoke memories of both good and hard times.

Differentiating themselves from the typical UK Hip-Hop sound they make it clear that even though their sound consists of hip hop elements, their music leans more towards 'soul music that hip-hop heads will appreciate' . According to Konny Kon, they make 'classic soul for hip hop heads ...there's no lovey dovey dancing over polished r&b involved. its soul music with samples or something we've played with a lot of bass, or some dusty sounding breaks involved.'

From their obvious levels of sophistication you should be able to tell that these two are not new to music.

Konny Kon is a DJ, Mc and beatmaker best known as one third of of 'Broke 'N' English'. Tyler Daley aka Hoodman has been blessing us with soul since Tyrone dropped on channel u, becoming one of the most in demand soul singers of recent times. He has previously lent his vocals and writing talents to music from Soul II Soul‘s Caron Wheeler, 50 Cent, Lisa Mafia, Bugzy Malone and more.

Hailing from Manchester the two connected way back in 2004 during a festival in France. But it would be over 10 years until the duo dropped their debut single 'Still Standing' in 2016. The single was a Soulful Sonnet dedicated to their mothers, in which they reflect on the wisdom the women passed on. This was released along side 'No Strings Attached ' a recount of a romantic pursuit of a casual love affair.

Watch Children of Zeus ‘Still Standing’

The Mancunian Musicians have two strong bodies of work under their belt. 'The Story so Far' was released in 2017. They described this project as a compilation of songs that was used to demonstrate their interpretation of the ''Street Soul'' style. Despite initially being reluctant to bring this out as a body of work, they received positive reception and gained much exposure. Beaming with positivity The Story so Far is full of relatable tales providing an intimate insight their hardships , relationships and experience in music. Each song offers it's own personality and still stays faithful to their mellow sound.

There Debut album 'Travel Light' was released a year later. Consisting of 13 tracks, the album opens up with 'The Story So Far' which serves as a smooth continuation from the previous release. The album features collaborations with the likes of [ K S R ] & DRS , LayFullStop , and soul-singer Terri Walker. The theme of growth and emotional maturity are evident here with tracks like ‘Hoodman2Manhood’ and ‘slow down’. Travel Light is an eclectic body of work in which COZ showcase their ability to deliver soul in a variety of sounds. For instance, the use of lover's rock influenced beats on ‘Hard Work’ to the upbeat of broken beat on ‘Vibrations’.

Watch Children of Zeus ‘All on You’ ft [ L S R ] & DRS

The combination of Tyler Daley And Konny Kon has made the one of the best soul collaborations to emerge from the UK since Floetry. Their inhabitions to experiment with their sound on different soulful styles while never comprimising on their lyrical integrity is admirable.

Drawing on their real life experiences to deliver us messages of encouragement and guidance. Children of Zeus is the story of two seasond professionals who have been navigating through an industry where lyrical content and intelligent musicality are becoming increasingly antiquated. Yet instead of giving up they have found a way to adapt as artists in the current climate while embracing the lessons learnt on their journey. 'Just forget about the destination, enjoy the journey' a sentiment that may resonates with any creative.