Last Friday Children of Zeus released their latest album 'Travel Light' and it is absolutely stunning!

I first discovered Children of Zeus back in 2017 when the baby smooth yet soulfully sophisticated vocals of Tyler Daley and the relatable & conscious lyrics from Konny Kon the captivated my soul!

Hailing from Manchester, individually each of the duo has their own solid standing in the game for years now. You might even remember Tyler Daley who has been blessing us for for years with his sweet voice under the alias 'Hoodman' during this time he graced channels like Channel U with the uncommon sound of UK Soul. Konny Kon is a DJ, MC and beatmaker best known as one third of Broke’N’English alongside fellow Mancunians DRS and Strategy.

These guys have certainly come a long way since then and the musical sophistication elegance of 'Travel Light' is almost unmatched by any other emerging acts from the UK.

The album is a combination of all things melodic- they experiment with an assortment of soulful genres - from lovers rock reggae influence vibes in the song 'Hard Work' to broken-beat experienced in 'Vibrations' all executed with brilliance and finesse.

This Album fits into our self titled genre life music. The engaging and relatable content delivered, complimented by Daley's vocals and harmonies this whole project will have you feeling like your back in 2004 sipping Hennessy in the back of your Cadillac. (Jay holiday reference, because Daley is giving me serious Jay holiday for some reason)

One thing that i can definitely state about this body of work is that it is authentic and genuine, you can tell that this duo not only have a deep passion for music which is clearly embedded in their spirit but they also have a much more elevated understanding of the musicality behind Neo-soul & conscious hip hop music.

Anyway I'm sure i can waffle on for days about how sick these guys are but you're gonna have to hear it for your self!

If you love and appreciate good music this is most certainly an album for you collection!

Stream Travel Light here now and let us know what you think!